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Association offers following benefits to all members

  • Each Member will be issued an ID card with security features ,mailed by courier direct to home, which will recognize the identity .( click here to see ID card specimen)
  • 5% to 50% discount at hundreds of stores, Restaurants, doctors, clinics, hospitals,hotels, businesses etc in each city ( click here to see discount businesses list )
  • An introductory letter form PAVA for issuance of VISA for different countries for Visit or Job for different embassies. An essential requirement by some embassies.( click here to see specimen letter)
  • NOC letter for employment in security related private companies.A requirement of some security agencies.( click to see NOC specimen)
  • Free membership to 4 sites. PAVA job site ( www.nokrian.com) , PAVA matrimonial site ( www.laljora.com) , PAVA Buy and sell web site ( www.sastimarket.com) and PAVA Connect Club (www.mydearsir.com ). All of these are under construction. 
  • Plots/houses on controlled price for all members in any housing schemes or land development in all cities.
  • Facility for members for admission in PAVA run hospitals, educational institutes and  old age homes.
  • Quota utilization for admission offered by some renowned educational institutions and  Scholarships for members and their children for admission. 
  • Association will help needy and poor members  with a programme "RAB KA GHAR". click here to see eligibility criteria.
  • You will be part of association which will erect a monument for all shaheeds with name and pictures . click to see futuristic picture of monumnet.

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