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We accept donations in following categories, Please pick a category of your choice:

  • Adopt a Shaheed child for education and general expenses Rs 20,000 per year. We will send you details of child with location, name etc, and what your donation is doing to him/her.
  • PAVA Education scholarship fund. Select Rs......... from form below
  • RAB KA GHAR fund. This is for extremely poor families. Click here to see criteria. Each family is provided Rations 2 times a month on 10th and 25 th. Donate Rs 1000 /person/month. We can also give you details fo beneficiary.
  • Shaheed Monument Fund: EXPECTED DATE OF COMPLETION OF PROJECT 23 MARCH 2015. Shaheed Monument.
  • PAVA ROZGAR. This is for unemployed members, who want to stand on their feet. Selected members will be given a cart (Rehri) on interest free loan. They will return a loan on monthly installments. Each cart will cost Rs. 10,000, and it will provide an opportunity to earn livlihood at their own, instead of asking for help. You can donate for this purpose as loan to PAVA also. This fund will be revolving and help members to stand on their feet.

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