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Zahid S.Yazdanie (President PAVA)

Pakistan army veterans association (PAVA) was founded by a group of 13 dedicated army officers with Zahid Saeed Yazdanie nominated  as  president. The association is representing 1.2 million retired army officers and other ranks, thus making it a largest association of Pakistan.

Mr. Yazdanie was commisioned in corps of engineers from Pakistan Military academy 50th PMA long course in 1974. He left pakistan army in 1984 as captain and commisioned one of the largest housing projects of its time, known as " British Homes" in Islamabad and Lahore.

In 1994 he left for USA for higher education in real estate financing.After completing his education he founded and incorporated USA mortgage lending company  known as "Zameena corporation", with  "Money Store" as one of the subsidiaries. The Money Store brand became a household name in USA and Mr yazdanie received an award from  president USA George W. bush as community  Representative in  fastest growing minority owned business in USA in 2006. He also received coveted award of "Who's Who" for year 2007 when company revenues exceeded $1 billion in a year. The banking sector in USA went bankrupt in 2007, and Zameena corporation became one of casualties like other more then 200 banks.

He moved to Pakistan in 2007 and took active role in earth quake rehabilitation by providing free cooked food to displaced persons at his own expense. He is now  involved in helping poor of poorest, including orphans and handicapped with free rations twice a month under a project known as "Rab Ka Ghar". The project now been made part of PAVA.

He is presently divorced and has six children settled in USA .

Email president@pakarmy.org